How this blog started

This blog is about the things I love and the people in my life who are dear to me. As it is obvious from the title, most of the topics will revolve around eating and food. I'm an avid recipe collector, hence my house is overflowing with cookbooks (some as old as I am), stacks of cooking magazines, tattered index cards, fragments of note books with handwritten recipes handed down from my mother and grandmother, cut outs from ancient sugar boxes and so forth. You probably get the idea and may even recognize a little bit of yourself in me.

Since the coming of the computer age my laptop became a vehicle to store even more recipes. Not only did it become my favorite recipe box, but also an endless source to gather and collect additional recipes. Little did I know that the experience of searching the web for yet another variation of an oatmeal cookie or slow cooker recipe could take on an even more exciting dimension, until a dear friend presented me with an iPad as a birthday present. This incredible new device has since become as essential a kitchen tool for me as my Cuisinart food processor. Did I forget to mention that it also holds thousands of food related pictures I've taken over the years? Photographs of dishes I cooked myself or enjoyed in restaurants around the world. Pictures of fresh produce at the local farmers market; my daughter's first attempt at tackling cinnamon rolls; street food vendors in far away places; a simple and homey loaf of freshly baked bread. All this and so much more is waiting to be shared with food lovers everywhere.

Recent events in my life finally allowed me to realize my dream of starting a food blog. I will be sharing my recipe collection and my favorite pictures with you. In addition, there will be tips and shortcuts for busy cooks, inspirations for entertaining and party planning, and occasional restaurant reviews.

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